Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coffeeneuring ride 3--Sunday October 18, 2015


When your 11 year old child plays football in far-away places on Saturday, it makes it a little hard to try and knock out two trips in a weekend.  It was also my beautiful mother's 70th birthday, so Saturday was a no-go.  Perfect weather, no wind, all sun.  Just a perfect day and we had to do some football travelling--not that there's anything wrong with that!

The cold front kicked in that day and the temps went from 79 degrees w/low humidity to 53 degrees with no humidity.  The wind was kicking on Sunday but Jen and I went through with our plan to make our first 'tandemneuring coffeeneuring' trip to Pensacola.  Right out of the gate we were cruising, then realized that the wind was coming out of the northeast.  Yay. I'll take a steady low cross-wind over a headwind anyday--bonus, the trip back will be much easier than the trip there!

Because my child is on a middle school sports team, and also in chorus, we always buy those ticket books.  This year we had one for Fosko's Coffee Barre downtown Pensacola.  By the time we got there it was about noon on Sunday--a perfect time to try out a cappuccino and Jen decided on a Cheesecake Frappuccino.  The frappe was very good, but the whip cream was something that needed to be worked on. She left that in cup! The weather warmed up and it was sunny and the wind died down.  A perfect day on the big-blue Burley.

Not long after, and since we were downtown, we decided to hang out right next door at one of our favorite spots for beer--Hopjacks Pizza kitchen, with 112 beers on tap.  Needed a little energy other than the Cappuccino so wifey and I filled up on some duck battered french fries and a few select half-price beers after meeting up with some friends.  In keeping with the theme, I was sure to have a Stone Coffee Milk Stout.

Three hours later, the sun started to descend and it was time for us to hit the road back as we were ill-equipped for nighttime lighting or riding.  Jen's sciatica was acting up a little too so it's a constant change of seat height for her.  Need to work on the fore-aft positioning also until we can get these shakedown rides dialed in.

The straight bee-line home via Hwy 98 and some accompanying bike trails had us home, albeit exhausted from not working our legs much this summer. As previously posted, the bike lane on bloody 98 will be extremely nice when it's done.  Problem is, does construction ever get 'done'?

My ride 3 and Jen's ride 2 are in the books.  No kids on the ride today (Sunday)--also no neighbors as Joe's shift has changed and he'll be getting he and Amber's coffeeneuring rides in on weekdays.

Joe and Amber were able to get their ride in today (Tuesday)--another perfect day trip to a beach breakfast joint!  Well Done Joe and Amber--y'all got three rides in the books now!

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