Monday, November 16, 2015

Coffeeneuring Ride 7--final weekend Sunday November 15, 2015

A final trip for 2015, and an errand run too!

First things first, Avery had to get in a ride that she missed, so on Saturday Jen was able to ride with her in the cold and wind, to the local Circle K for some Sweet Tea.  Now I know that Jen's Strava only is showing 1.6 miles but Avery actually doesn't have a strava on her phone, so being that Jen was cold she rode straight home, while Avery rode by herself around the 'circle' a half mile (you can measure it on Google earth-also viewable on Jen's Strava) on the way back to actually push her total to 2.1 miles for this round trip.  Scouts Honor--promise!  She's ridden with us on all other trips with the exception of one, so that's gotta count for her too!

Final Ride--Sunday, November 15--
Every year since 2012, I've used my beater bike or whatever bike is available to ride to the local Publix grocery store because they seem to have the best deals on Turkey.  I have a Winn Dixie close by but they just can't beat the price of Publix, and I like to get a fall ride in--usually in November it FINALLY starts to get a little chilly and windy, so, I don't know, I just like to ride in the wind and carry a turkey home on my back, in a backpack.  A few years ago, back when a good friend of mine's child was about 8 years old, I had the backpack in the store and a turkey in the other hand.  Kid asked me if I was gonna steal the turkey.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud--even at that age, a dude with a backpack in a store is stealing something.  Funny.  I didn't steal the turkey but made sure he saw me in line paying for it.  Another great thing is that the original year I did it, there was an accident near the house and traffic was backed up for miles. One of my friends was stuck in traffic, and saw me blow by her car that was standing still.  I got a text on the way back stating she hated sitting in traffic and noticed I was carrying a turkey so she ask what I was doing--being a nerd taking a bird?  The Nerd with the bird ride begun that day.  So, to this day, every year I do a 'nerd with a bird' ride to bring 'cranksgiving' turkey home to cook.  I decided to incorporate that into this year's final coffeeneuring ride--yet another 'theme within a theme' :)

bad in-action selfie

donut up.  Glazed with chocolate covered and sprinkles

Joe spilled some of his black coffee

nerd with a bird cranksgiving 2015

So, after church we rode easily, with the 15-20 mile winds to Publix to do just that.  It would have been our cheapest coffeeneuring ride, but coupled with donuts and buying a turkey, I'd probably have to say it was the most expensive.  Needless to say, all of us made this final trip, for free black coffee while we shopped for turkey, allowing Avery to nab her Sweet Leaf tea.  Those 20 mile/hour winds on the way back were not fun, especially with a turkey strapped to my back.  I had Amber on the back of the tandem as my stoker this time, and she did well.  (Jen and Avery had to work a function at the church before riding back, so there were a couple of errands in there for three of us!)
stat not shown: windspeed

So, another wonderful coffeeneuring season comes to a close.  We plan on trying to do at least a bi-weekly ride with our neighbors (when Joe can get off that is, or when our days off coincide) to keep this going, because the social good times and exercise usually can't be beat.  Long live Tandemneuring and Coffeeneuring!  Reppin 5 folk from La Condesa St in Gulf Breeze Fl, Peace Out 2015!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Coffeeneuring ride 6--Saturday November 7, 2015

A Get things done shorty ride kinda day

So, I have been watching the weather.  It's supposed to rain all day Sunday.  My son has a playoff football game today at 12:30 and has to be 20 miles away an hour early, so, we decided against riding to the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival in Pensacola after the football game, because it gets dark around what seems like 2PM here with the stupid time change.  My daughter is taking a Marine Science class for school online and needed pics and documentation of an area waterway, which is basically a mile behind our house in distance.  Solution?  Ride to the Pensacola Bay, get her pics and documentation, and stop at McDonalds on the way for two Frappes and a Caramel Mocha Cappuccino.  In 84 degree weather with the humidity looming at about 85 percent.  I probably would have been better off with a cold frappuccino, but the Caramel Mocha Cappuccino was excellent.

I have always loved McDonald's coffee.  Still do.  Always a staple whether it be the froo-froo stuff or just a simple cup o blackness.

My Caramel Mocha Cappuccino with the kiddo

MMMM.  Frappuccinos (they're filling)

A short, four miler round trip, but got this completed and Avery got her homework done all the same, so it's a win-win for all of us.  I'll have to update Amber and Joe's ride when they go, as he was working the Pensacola Blue Angels Air show this weekend. Those NAS Police folk definitely work tough shifts, as there were 30,000 folks on base today.

Avery gathering data for class
Sunset on the NAS Blue Angel tarmac

 We had the utter joy of having Joe escort us to the flightline on Friday night for the night show.  Although we usually get to experience the joy of camping in much cooler weather at Ft Pickens and view the show from the beach, this year's activities made us cancel.  However, the show was awesome, especially that Jet truck that did 320 mph on the runway.  A very cool evening to watch the show, and an even cooler escort to get to the VIP spots.  I have to admit, we were looked at a little funny by the folks on base as we weren't a four star general or anything, but for the easy in easy out with a view of the show at night, I surely was not complaining!  And, a big hearty THANK YOU to all Veterans this week for all you do and for your service--this includes you, Joe.

Rob and Jen have completed their sixth tandemneuring coffeeneuring ride.
Avery has completed her fifth, along with Joe and Amber who have yet to ride.  I'll update this when they get their ride in.

Joe and Amber's ride 6 was to Panera Bread in Gulf Breeze.  After working a LOT of hours for the Blue Angel Homecoming show, Joe was pretty tired but was still able to eek out a 12 miler with Amber for a spiced pumpkin latte and some black coffee with a hearty supply of sugared up Hunny buns for the ride back.  Ride 6 in the books for everyone but Avery.  She'll make up her short ride Saturday.

Coffeeneuring Ride 5-Saturday October 31, 2015

Down the 98--ride 5  

I've always wanted to check out this SAIL INN sandwich shop down the highway from our house, and, since we weren't really in the mood for a LONG ride of 20+ miles, we decided on a slightly shorter route.  After all, it was Halloween and I needed an outfit for the party I was about to attend that night. There is a flea market about 6 miles down the 98.  The highway that has been under repaving for the past year and a half.  The highway that is adding a beautiful 8 foot bike lane on both sides, with keyhole lanes and everything being done on the Santa Rosa bike / ped plan using money from the BP oil spill.  Money well spent.  In the past 3-4 years, the road has been made safer by installing LED light posts throughout the county on the highway 98 one about every tenth of a mile--all the way to the county line using mostly existing infrastructure.  There have been a lot of deaths from people just attempting to cross the road, but the casualties have been to both cyclists and pedestrians. I find it sad that this is what it takes to get things done, but glad that it's getting done just the same. I'm pretty sure this project is close to completion, as they're supposed to be done by January 2016 (ish).  

New blacktop is going to be HOT, but is also going to be very nice to ride on--even if only for a little while.  I can remember feeling the heat emanating off the road just sitting in my car at stoplights, so it's gotta be hot on the cyclists, especially during the summer.  BUT, it's SMOOOOOOOTH!

Today's ride took me, Jen and Avery down a beautiful road along the sound to get there--Soundside Dr.  These million dollar homes sitting atop wooded lots, with beautiful views of Santa Rosa sound in the background.  This is probably one of my favorite areas to ride.  Little traffic, beautiful views, and somewhat smooth pavement--no bike lane but on the opposite side of the road we're riding, but at least there is room for cars to pass.  This road took us to the local flea market, in a beautiful back country kind of way. I don't think my fifteen year old daughter was in the mood to ride today by the amount of 'how much further' and 'are we there yet' references. She probably should have had a little more fuel to eat before the ride--her attitude changed after we ate. 

My goal at the flea market was to find an old gas mask from WWII or an older war--I was going to wear it to the party with a fedora, totally covered up--needed to figure in a straw in the mask to drink my beer though, ha.  Finally after finding one, I asked the dude how much.  $100.  Seriously?  "yeah, they still work".  Um. OK.  Guess I'm not dressing up tonight for the party, but at least I have 365 more days to plan for next year. We didn't spend but about 5 minutes at the flea market. 

After that debacle, it was about a two mile ride to Sail Inn.  Jen and Avery had tea, and I opted for yet another Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino.  Since we were famished, Jen and I also ate a recommended Cuban sandwich and my daughter wolfed down a turkey sub.  All the food and coffee was EXCELLENT.  We'll definitely be back, Sail Inn.  Hard to believe one can live in a place so long and never hit a great spot to eat.  That place has been there at least 15 years.  
We get a lot of questions and thumbs up while we ride the Burley Tandem.  Kids love it, and folks like to ask a few questions on it but all in all, we really, really like it.  She's a beautiful machine, and once I get the handlebar stem and extender, my shoulders will like it better too. 

After telling Joe and Amber about it, they went there the next day and gave it great reviews too.  

The ride back was straight blacktop on 'bloody 98', and due to lots of construction there were multiple loose asphalt pebbles everywhere.  I'll be so glad when this is complete.  Gonna be a great ride when done.  

So, Rob and Jen have completed their fifth ride, Joe and Amber their fifth ride and Avery her fourth ride.