Monday, November 16, 2015

Coffeeneuring Ride 7--final weekend Sunday November 15, 2015

A final trip for 2015, and an errand run too!

First things first, Avery had to get in a ride that she missed, so on Saturday Jen was able to ride with her in the cold and wind, to the local Circle K for some Sweet Tea.  Now I know that Jen's Strava only is showing 1.6 miles but Avery actually doesn't have a strava on her phone, so being that Jen was cold she rode straight home, while Avery rode by herself around the 'circle' a half mile (you can measure it on Google earth-also viewable on Jen's Strava) on the way back to actually push her total to 2.1 miles for this round trip.  Scouts Honor--promise!  She's ridden with us on all other trips with the exception of one, so that's gotta count for her too!

Final Ride--Sunday, November 15--
Every year since 2012, I've used my beater bike or whatever bike is available to ride to the local Publix grocery store because they seem to have the best deals on Turkey.  I have a Winn Dixie close by but they just can't beat the price of Publix, and I like to get a fall ride in--usually in November it FINALLY starts to get a little chilly and windy, so, I don't know, I just like to ride in the wind and carry a turkey home on my back, in a backpack.  A few years ago, back when a good friend of mine's child was about 8 years old, I had the backpack in the store and a turkey in the other hand.  Kid asked me if I was gonna steal the turkey.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud--even at that age, a dude with a backpack in a store is stealing something.  Funny.  I didn't steal the turkey but made sure he saw me in line paying for it.  Another great thing is that the original year I did it, there was an accident near the house and traffic was backed up for miles. One of my friends was stuck in traffic, and saw me blow by her car that was standing still.  I got a text on the way back stating she hated sitting in traffic and noticed I was carrying a turkey so she ask what I was doing--being a nerd taking a bird?  The Nerd with the bird ride begun that day.  So, to this day, every year I do a 'nerd with a bird' ride to bring 'cranksgiving' turkey home to cook.  I decided to incorporate that into this year's final coffeeneuring ride--yet another 'theme within a theme' :)

bad in-action selfie

donut up.  Glazed with chocolate covered and sprinkles

Joe spilled some of his black coffee

nerd with a bird cranksgiving 2015

So, after church we rode easily, with the 15-20 mile winds to Publix to do just that.  It would have been our cheapest coffeeneuring ride, but coupled with donuts and buying a turkey, I'd probably have to say it was the most expensive.  Needless to say, all of us made this final trip, for free black coffee while we shopped for turkey, allowing Avery to nab her Sweet Leaf tea.  Those 20 mile/hour winds on the way back were not fun, especially with a turkey strapped to my back.  I had Amber on the back of the tandem as my stoker this time, and she did well.  (Jen and Avery had to work a function at the church before riding back, so there were a couple of errands in there for three of us!)
stat not shown: windspeed

So, another wonderful coffeeneuring season comes to a close.  We plan on trying to do at least a bi-weekly ride with our neighbors (when Joe can get off that is, or when our days off coincide) to keep this going, because the social good times and exercise usually can't be beat.  Long live Tandemneuring and Coffeeneuring!  Reppin 5 folk from La Condesa St in Gulf Breeze Fl, Peace Out 2015!

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