Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Coffeeneuring Ride 2--Sunday October 11, 2015


Yesterday was slow-ride Saturday.  Local bike shops in the Pensacola hold a slow ride at their location.  This is to inform the community about bicycle safety and riding in groups.  The Bike Pensacola facebook page is really blowing up and it seems we have about 60-70 folks showing up for each slow ride.  No spandex required.  Folks stopping for us, etc.  Great times.

This was the first decent 6+ mile ride for Jen and I on the Burley.  We did alright and got plenty of kudos and thumb's up from fellow riders.  We SO love this bike.  It'll be even better after I dress her with some planet bike fenders and a new Brooks.  Enjoyed the ride.  We were going to stop for coffee before leaving but had to check the rule book.  Decided not to stop as we don't want any violations from the coffeeneuring police, ha :).

Sunday we decided to ride with our neighbors on a perfect morning.  Amber and Joe rode all of them a couple of years ago, but we never added them to our rides.  The rules changed last year so i'm going to be making sure they get creds this year for their rides.  They rode Saturday for Starbucks as their starting ride and rode again with us on Sunday to my favorite spot for coffee--Drowsy Poet overlooking Little Sabine on the intercoastal waterway side of Pensacola Beach.

If I could ride this ride every weekend, I certainly would as we're both sold on this place. We usually end up buying an item in the surf shop after our coffee anyway--I blame the weather. A perfectly beautiful morning with no wind, a chance to break in the tandem a little more and, bonus, my daughter decided to ride along too!  Love me some White Chocolate Mocha as did my wifey.  Perfect day to coffeeneur.  Love this time of year!

Joe and Amber's Saturday Ride                                                           Sunday Coffee Ride w/neighbors

Daughter checking out 'pirate ship'
Jen's White Chocolate Mocha

Joe is concentrating on the cappuccino. Not gonna drink itself

Rob's White Chocolate Mocha

A breather after the climb to enjoy the views
The happy ride back 

Overall, a great time was had with neighbors and kiddo today.  Rides like these make me wanna just stay in the saddle!
Only regret was the sonnyboy didn't go with us. 
Some ride tallies--Rob 2, Jen 1, Avery 1, Amber 2, Joe 2 Garrett 1

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