Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Coffeeneuing Ride 1 Sunday Oct 4, 2015


Well, now that I told you in detail about my new tandem, it was time to test it out.  The original theme was to ride the bike with wifey to all coffeeneuring destinations this year, however, on ride one Sunday, it just so happened there were shoe sales in town, so wifey and daughter went shopping instead.  Being that my day doesn't fare too well when I 'wait' for my coffee in the morning, I decided to stop prolonging my agony of the need for caffeine, and asked my son if he felt like riding to the local Starbucks for a frappy.  He was more than excited.  I have to say I was too--as he did great on the rear of the bike.

It didn't take long to find a rhythm, however, I figured I needed a new front derailleur as the darn thing would no shift in the smaller ring on the 'hills'.  That's OK.  I'll take what I can get on the first ride.  We rode through the golfing community and got a few stares, but mostly it just felt good going against the wind and having a little help pushing the pedals.  Great first ride and some great Starbucks coffee to boot!  Jen will have to catch up and maybe do a ride with the daughter on the tandem twice in a weekend.  I hope to have her in the saddle with me for the next trip, though, as this is OUR thing! Sonnyboy did great on our first long trip.  I'll need to make some adjustments to handlebar height.  Been looking at changing out the front bars too--maybe some Nitto Albatross or, better yet, Jones loop bars--just gotta find the way to justify the expense.

I'm going to try and keep track of everyone that rides so hopefully we'll all be able to earn our patches.

Ride 1 = SUCCESS!  Rob 1, Garrett 1, Jen 0, Avery 0 Neighbor Joe 0, Neighbor Amber 0

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